The MSW-004 Gundam [Kestrel] is a prototype mobile suit developed and built at the Oakland Newtype Lab operated by the Titans. It was originally designed specifically to be piloted by Titans Cyber-Newtype Rossweisse. The Kestrel was created to be a fast and highly maneuverable machine, and ran a total of three generators which were housed in the main body and legs. It uses a direct connected thruster which could produce tremendous thrust. Because of its high-thrust and high levels of acceleration, normal pilots could not safely exploit the capabilities of the Kestrel. The Kestrel utilized a Core Block System, which was unusual for its time, whereas the Gryps Conflict-era mobile weapons saw accelerated development in variable mobile suit technology. The core block fighter is capable of docking and separation, and primarily functions as the cockpit of the machine. When docked, the engine nacelles of the core fighter act as the Kestrel's main thrusters/backpack. The core fighter is equipped with two beam sabers stored in the binders, which also function as beam saber racks. The core block featured an improved main computer to allow high speed transferring of combat data.

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