The deployment procedures below are for using Websphere 8.5
1. In a browser, go to https://ip:port/ibm/console/login.jsp to open Administrative Console. Enter your administrative credentials to log into the system.
2. Expand the 'Application' node in the console and click the 'Install New application' link.
3. Chose the 'New Enterprise Application' link.
4. Chose the 'Local file system' radio button and click the 'Browser' button to locate the war file. click 'Next' button.
5. Chose the 'Fast Path - Prompt only when additional information is required' radio button and click 'Next' button.
6. In this section(Step 1). You can enter the installation options for your application. You can change 'Application name' and accept the default settings. click 'Next' button.
7. In this section(Step 2). you can specify target servers for clustering. you can accept the default settings here and click 'Next' button.
8. In this section(Step 3). you can specify the virtual hosts where you application will be installed to. accept the default host and click 'Next' button.
9. In this section(Step 4). you must change Context Root, Don't use '/'(already in use). if use it, when start application will get a error message like this: 'Failed to load webapp: Context root /* mapping unable to be bound'. So input you context root and click 'Next' button.
10. Review the summary of settings and click 'Finish' button.
11. When the preparation process is complete, click the 'save' link to save the application to the master configuration.
12. Expand the 'Application Type' node in the console and click the 'Websphere enterprise application' link.
13. In the Enterprise Application page, your application will appear in the list with a x symbol next to it, since has not yet been started. check the box next to application name and click the 'start' button.

You can verify you deployment by browsing to http://ip:port/<context_root_of_your_application>


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